Creating the future



Project Type: Real Estate Development
Status: In Progress

Just west of Calgary, we partnered with Bordeaux Development to help create a whole new category of community in Harmony. At its core, Harmony is founded upon eight Guiding Principles that collectively lay the groundwork for an improved, more harmonious way of life.

Live: Harmony boasts a diverse range of housing styles that cater to the needs of every generation, enriching the lives of its residents.

Learn: Here, from classroom to nature’s classroom, Harmony provides opportunities for continuous learning and personal growth for the inquisitive mind.

Work: The community’s employment opportunities and services foster diverse economic development, benefiting both Harmony and its inhabitants.

Play: Acknowledging the importance of active living and creative play, Harmony offers numerous outdoor amenities that promote health and wellness.

Create: Arts and culture are the foundation of great civilizations. Harmony celebrates the expression, appreciation, and experience of these vital elements.

Connect: If connections are the lifeblood of well-being, then Harmony is the epicenter of meaningful connections – to family, friends, and neighbors.

Nourish: Caring for the soul is as essential as nourishing the body. Harmony encourages nurturing both aspects of one’s self through nature and community.

Sustain: We rethink our responsibility towards resource usage, both as a community and as private citizens, in a quest to use our resources more responsibly

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