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Heritage Ranch in Water Valley

Heritage Ranch in Water Valley

Project Type: Real Estate Development Concept
Status: N/A (Sold before development)

Alberta is a province known for personal affluence and high levels of corporate activity, combined with reverence for the outdoors.

And yet, until now there has been no nature-oriented facility designed specifically to cater to either prosperous individuals or corporations seeking a comfortable retreat.

Heritage Ranch is designed to fill that void. Although other AMC real estate projects are situated on waterfront, the Ranch lies just one hour northwest of Calgary, nestled in the foothills with nothing to the west save the Rocky Mountains.

Covering 15 square miles, it is a vast preserve of varied topography, foliage, and wildlife – stretching over an expanse too large to ride in a single day. Visitors and residents will enjoy stream fishing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, golfing, tennis, skeet shooting, and archery, plus winter sports.

Cross country skiing and snow shoeing will top the list of favorite activities, along with snowmobiling, tobogganing, and skating on well-maintained ice rinks. The gymnasium, pool, and spa facilities will, of course, be available year-round.


An Exclusive Development – made more Exclusive by Zoning.

In all likelihood, Heritage Ranch will be the only one of its kind in the foothills of Alberta. Nowhere else has ranchland been allowed zoning for such extensive facilities and residences. And, current zoning regulations preclude a second property being granted similar rights.

The ranch now has zoning in place for a large main lodge, dining facilities, golf course, ranch house, equestrian facilities, a recreation building, tennis courts, a pool, and up to 168 private residences in an assortment of detached homes, condo suites, and townhouses.

This valuable zoning was controversial when it was passed in 1998. Now, with the change in the municipal council, it is unlikely that such zoning could be passed for another parcel.

The recreational facilities, the main lodge and the ranch house will proceed as originally proposed, but the number of permanent residences will be restricted to 36, rather than the 168 allowed under the zoning.

The new owners could, of course, create a new subdivision plan to add additional lots at some time in the future.


A Corporate Retreat – or a Family Experience

The main lodge will include dining and banquet facilities, a meeting room, and a theater on the main floor, along with a billiard room and comfortable library complete with a fireplace.  Upstairs will be guest rooms that may be reserved for corporate functions or family get-togethers.

Corporate guests will find this a true retreat, since they can use their free hours for fishing, golfing, working out in the gym, swimming, relaxing in the spa, riding the trails, or even taking part in rodeo activities.

One of the goals of the Ranch is to preserve western traditions and heritage and to teach equestrian skills and animal husbandry to families that wish to participate.

The real-life cattle ranch will be centered out of the western portion of the ranch, where guests can participate in cattle checking, spring and fall round-ups, and more. The equestrian center, with stables and an indoor arena, will be adjacent to the main lodge.

Small stock such as goats, sheep, and poultry will also be kept at the main facility to provide fresh milk and eggs, and to afford parents the opportunity to teach their youngsters about the care and feeding of these animals.


The Village Green

Every community needs a hub, and at Rockwater Heritage Ranch this will be a focal point. Several of the homes and common buildings will be placed around a village green complete with gardens, benches, bocce ball courts, and a play area for young children. This will also be home to the well-equipped recreation center.


The Golf Course

Originally zoned for an 18-hole course, Rockwater Properties recognizes a corporate responsibility to conserve water and opted instead for a spectacular 9-hole “executive” course. To this end, Gary Browning, one of golf’s most well-known and sought-after designers, will be guiding the development of this course